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Created/Updated December 20th, 2019

The Saint

The people were thirsty; and so she went alone, the girl who had no thirst, to beg the stones for water on behalf of all the people. But the fork of willow gave no sign, and walking all that way exhausted her until her only thought was of the one who suffered pain (an ailing boy whose eyes met hers one evening with quiet surmise). Then like a thirsting animal the rod of tender willow stirred and dipped in her hand: and now she walked on flowering in her blood which roared inside her, a river underground. Das Volk war durstig; also ging das eine durstlose Mädchen, ging die Steine um Wasser flehen für ein ganzes Volk. Doch ohne Zeichen blieb der Zweig der Weide, und sie ermattete am langen Gehn und dachte endlich nur, daß einer leide, (ein kranker Knabe, und sie hatten beide sich einmal abends ahnend angesehn). Da neigte sich die junge Weidenrute in ihren Händen dürstend wie ein Tier: jetzt ging sie blühend über ihrem Blute, und rauschend ging ihr Blut tief unter ihr.

  • You have been provided with three different zip files, each one having a unique password. Using a couple text files containing 5000 of the most popular passwords and the zipfile module, create some code that will loop through the folders and extract the evil plans contained within.

  • You will definitely want to read through some of the documentation on the zipfile module in order to create this application. Start of by looking into zipfile.ZipFile() and zipfile.extractall().

  • When trying passwords in your code, make sure you are encoding your strings properly. The specific encoding you will want is passwordString.encode('cp850','replace')

  • Exception Handling is a must for this activity. If a password fails and that code is not placed within a try: statement, then the entire application will break on the first attempt at cracking the zip.