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I'm David and my passion for cybersecurity is unlike anything else. I find myself lucky to have been influenced and mentored from an early age about many aspects of computing and am thrilled to be a part of the arena that focuses on creating, maintaining, and revolutionizing the safety solutions required by technology.

I love being someone who can translate to the non-technical but if you meet me and want to nerd-out you will be an enabler of jubilance.



Blockchain technology is a turning point for the realm of currency exchange and content creation. The two critical issues of giants such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are a lack of privacy for transactions and future-proofing related to the dawn of quantum computing. Lightning is a cryptocurrency that adopts the logical approaches to circumvent the inevitable issues of integrity the major technologies will face in the next 10-20 years as quantum computers become more capable.


The CISSP is a respected certification. To increase my retention, I decided to organize my notes on-line. I hope they will help others on the same journey.

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An attempt to construct a blog utilizing GoLang templates.
mal·a·droit /ˌmaləˈdroit/ adjective: maladroit ineffective or bungling;clumsy.mollify; 3rd person present: mollifies; past tense: mollified; past participle: mollified; gerund or present participle: mollifying appease the anger or anxiety of (someone).

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